Visualsoft Welcomes Next Generation Of Talent

Full service digital agency Visualsoft recently welcomed the Digital Ambassadors of North Ormesby Primary Academy to the company’s headquarters in Stockton-on-Tees, in a bid to educate local talent on careers within the digital industry.

A select twelve pupils from the Middlesbrough based primary school, otherwise known as The Digital Ambassadors, entered the business for a sample of agency life. The day included an opportunity to work alongside Visualsoft’s in-house design team to create a web promotion for designer fashion retailer, Psyche. The students were introduced to each team within the business and attended talks with CEO, Dean Benson, CSO, Tim Johnson, and Head of CRO, Gavin Lowther, who then analysed the performance of each web promotion made by the pupils once live.

Visualsoft specialises in eCommerce solutions that enable online retailers to grow. As well as an in house built eCommerce platform, the company also offers a range of marketing solutions, dedicated business support, design and development.

Visualsoft CEO Dean Benson spoke of the visit and said, “We understand the importance of nurturing the talent of the next generation, so we welcomed the pupils to the business with open arms. I hope that giving the students an opportunity to experience working life in a busy digital agency will prove to be invaluable for their future career choices. The Visualsoft team is filled with professionals that are passionate about the industry, it was great to see the pupils filled with the same passion from such a young age.”

With 250 pupils and an outstanding Ofsted rating, NOPA’s focus for the visit was to build connections with the ‘world of work’ whilst encouraging the students to think about the skills needed for their future careers.

Principal of North Ormesby Primary Academy, Christine Kemp-Hall said, “We see ourselves as trailblazers in our approach to building the workforces of the future where we may see children in employment going forward that we haven’t even thought of or have been invented yet. Visualsoft were amazing hosts and exceeded any expectations we had of the day. We’d like to thank them for taking a risk in accepting a group of primary aged children into their workplace and letting them run loose for the day. We hope that the example they’ve set will be followed by other workplace environments. It was an experience enjoyed by all and everyone took learning away from the day. A great day, with passionate people and fantastic learning.”

The students of NOPA have been invited by Managing Director Dr. Steve Cochrane to visit Psyche’s Middlesbrough flagship store within the coming weeks to learn about the business and eCommerce functions in-house. Students will be given a tour of the store and will witness firsthand the process of orders being picked, packaged and dispatched to customers.