What is MAP?

Middlesbrough Achievement Partnership (MAP) is a partnership between all Middlesbrough schools, the Local Authority and a growing number of external partners. The core purpose of MAP is to raise attainment working together to address issues impacting upon our schools within Middlesbrough.

Who leads MAP?

MAP is school led through the MAP Board made up of representatives from primary, secondary and specials schools along with LA and governor representatives.

Who is part of MAP?

All schools from primary, secondary and special sectors are part of MAP, alongside Local Authority representation from Children’s Services, Public Health, Education and Skills and School Improvement. MAP also works closely with a range of external partners to support the school improvement agenda.

What is MAPs role?

MAP is the strategic partnership leading on school improvement, attainment and achievement in Middlesbrough for all schools. MAP sets the strategic direction to support achievement working closely with a range of partners.

How often does the MAP board meet?

The MAP board usually meets every term. Dates for the next year will be agreed shortly. Wider MAP events open to all schools run frequently throughout the year.

What has MAP achieved to date?

  • Supported the Bungalow Partnership
  • Commissioned research though the BOND programme
  • Commissioned the Reach Partnership to support emotional wellbeing in schools
  • Set up Code Clubs working in partnership with Middlesbrough College to support links to the digital sector and increase digital skills for young people
  • Developed a school led employability pilot to support increased links to employers in key sectors linking closely to curriculum development and delivery
  • Raised awareness of sector growth areas in the Tees Valley through links to Tees Valley Unlimited and the Skills Portal
  • Supported school improvement in the secondary sector providing specialist support in a range of areas to build capacity within schools
  • Supported the development of MSTA film to promote MSTA provision
  • Developed increased support for Head Teachers, senior leaders and school staff through improved communication, briefings and updates
  • Supported best practice visits to outstanding educational institutes
  • Developed the Children and Young People’s Delivery Partnership working with a range of partner’s to lead and shape services for early help and early intervention
  • Developed Team Around the School Approach pilot
  • Continues close working with the Headstart Team to support emotional wellbeing and resilience for children and young people
  • Supported the development of Middlesbrough Youth Employment Group
  • Supported the development of Middlesbrough 14-25 Strategy
  • Strengthened cross sector partnership working and school to school support
  • Held a range of conferences and events for Middlesbrough Schools
  • Engaged Middlesbrough schools to lead and participate in a range of Delivery Groups to drive the work of MAP
  • Developed an annual Action Plan through the MAP Delivery Groups

What is MAP’s relationship with the LA?

The Local Authority (LA) is a partner within the MAP Board. The LA supports school improvement and provides a range of support to schools in Middlesbrough and works closely with MAP.

How can I engage with MAP?

MAP welcomes engagement with partners and organisations to support achievement for all of our children and young people. If you feel your organisation can support this or you would like to find out more, please contact the MAP team on map@middlesbrough.gov.uk