Official Opening Of MFC Foundation Classrooms

Wednesday, 29 March saw the official opening of the MFC Foundation Classrooms in the Trinity Marie Madeleine Inclusion Centre, which was performed by Stewart Downing of Middlesbrough Football Club.

Trinity Catholic College is delighted to be entering into partnership with the Foundation as this will cement the excellent relationship which has been established with the work our Transition Coach Darren Curry has initiated this year with the upcoming Year 7 pupils, currently our Year 6s.

The partnership between Trinity and the Foundation will allow us to use the medium of football to engage students in various pathways, whether this be academic monitoring, behavioural intervention programmes or raising self esteem and confidence. The courses will utilise the expertise of the Foundation staff working alongside experienced Trinity staff, providing a menu of highly motivational lessons. We expect to see a big impact with the students on these courses and changes in attitudes to their learning or improvement in their progress.

Trinity Catholic College’s’ mission statement is to be “an inclusive learning community living out Gospel values” , This is highlighted in the work carried out within our Inclusion centre. Our core aims are to deliver universal services and personalised support to ensure that ALL students receive the help and guidance they need to engage purposefully with their studies, develop their emotional resilience and achieve well at school and in life. Often social factors may impinge on students’ emotional development or academic studies, through no fault of their own and school can become difficult for them. The MFC Foundation courses will form a key element of our whole Inclusion programme to ensure that social barriers do not prevent our students fulfilling their potential.

We are also extremely grateful to Headstart, who have been instrumental in many of the Intervention programmes we run, especially with REACH counselling services. Our collaboration with other agencies such as The Pathfinder Learning Programme, the Wildlife Trust, Musinc, Lionsquest Character Education, One Life Pioneers Garden Group, the Linx Project and the UPS Driver Awareness course have all had a very positive impact on the re-engagement of positive behaviour around school.

We very much hope this Inclusion Centre will evolve into an “Early Help Hub” to work alongside and support the extended school family of St Hilda’s Catholic Academy Trust.

A big thank you to the MFC Foundation, to all the agencies who work within the Inclusion Centre and to Stewart Downing for giving up his valuable time to open the MFC Foundation classrooms.