Middlesbrough – A Reading Town Launch

Middlesbrough: A Reading Town was launched on Saturday 19th November alongside the Northern Children’s Book Festival at the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art.  Twelve beautiful book benches designed by Middlesbrough schools were unveiled to mark the launch of the scheme which aims to promote literacy through a series of projects and activities for pupils, teachers, parents and the wider community. The benches, which are shaped like open books, have been decorated by local pupils who were inspired by books and reading.   

The MAP ‘A Reading Town’ Delivery Group have also developed a Middlesbrough 100 Best Books list and children selected their favourite reads to create the amazing book benches.  The event was supported by the Mayor and a number of local Councillors, The National Literacy Trust, parents, teachers and schools, and shared the stage with some fantastic authors visiting Middlesbrough as part of the Northern Children’s Book Festival.  A special thanks go to the schools and children participating in the design of the benches, members of the Delivery Group who have committed time and support to take forward key actions to support the work of the group, Middlesbrough Library Service who allowed us to share their inspirational event and to the Mayor and local Councillors who will support MAPs ambition in making Middlesbrough a reading town. 

For further information please contact MAP or Allison Potter, Delivery Group lead.

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