Marton Manor Primary School – Strategies for SATs at key stage one and two

Very tight focus on basic skills including handwriting intervention(Pen Pals), spelling (Ros Ferrara materials from Focus education- this is still work in progress), SPaG taught daily and a big push on presentation. Children given quality time to respond to marking and to edit their work in a different pen. Reading assistants used (dinner ladies) to hear target readers each day and inference and deduction training for reading from TA’s.

We used Power of Reading materials to boost reading comprehension and writing. We have a whole school approach to sentence types using Alan Peat materials and approaches to the different genres.

In Maths we started interventions such as one-to-one tuition in September and had a big push on tables, number bonds and all the non-negotiables. Three strands of Maths taught across the week and plenty of practice for calculations and to develop fluency. At key stage two we used PIXL materials, maths progress tests from Assertive mentoring and CPG revision books.